Feb 05

Take Charge of Your Health Care

No matter what takes place in politics and the politics of public health reform there are actions you can take to insure that you receive quality health care.

Keep in mind that quality health care can help you stay healthy and recover faster when you become sick. My mother always thought that getting good care meant seeing the doctor right away, being treated like a queen by the office staff, and having the doctor spend a lot of time with her.

Granted, those things are important but clinical quality care is more important to me. It's like taking my car into service. The service rep can be charming and friendly and have coffee and cookies available, but I want a good mechanic. I want my car's problem fixed or I want to prevent a problem from happening.

  • One of the most important things you can do to receive quality health care is to search for and find health information and use that information to take an active role in making decisions about your care.
  • Work with your doctor and other members on your health team to make decisions on your health care. That could mean working with your dentist, podiatrist or personal trainer.
  • Ask questions: what does the scientific evidence has to say about your condition?
  • Do your homework and go online or to the library and find out more. Make sure the information comes from a reliable source.

In my next post I'll list a bunch of questions to ask your doctor.

Above all, keep in mind, that YOU are the first step in quality health care. Don't wait until someone is doing it for you.

To your successful aging.

Ruthan Brodsky

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