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Oct 18

Balance Your Diet – Know What You Eat

There is so much information everywhere about eating the right way, eating the right foods, mindless eating, dieting, more dieting and more dieting. It probably seems ridiculous that I'm writing about dietary imbalance; but I am.

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Jul 07

Does Sugar Cause Weight Gain?

Recently enjoyed an early lunch with another couple at a neighborhood restaurant. She brought a slice of sour dough whole wheat bread because she didn't want any sugar. The bread served at the restaurant contained sugar because sugar helps bread to rise.   Sugars have been making headlines for years but the story about sugars …

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Mar 24

Preserving Your Health with Good Nutrition

Many of the body changes that we accept as natural and part of aging may not be what we assume. Some of them or at least some degree of them are probably caused by not caring and protecting ourselves at a younger age. I can't explain why, but I was always under the impression that …

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Feb 02

Going Vegetarian? Do It Right!

More people in their 50s and 60s are going vegetarian. I'm not sure what started their journey but I suspect it was related to losing weight and improving their digestive process. Once they started to lose weight and were no longer constipated, they just kept going in the same direction. The good news is that …

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Dec 24

Lose Weight with the New Guidelines for Physical Activity – Part 3

In my last 2 posts I described what the new Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans were, who they could help (almost everyone) and how you can customize the guidelines to your personal needs. In this post I'm going to explain how these guidelines can influence your weight. First, the Guidelines do say that if you …

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