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Oct 31

New STudy for Vitamin D and Omega-3

There's a new study in the works called VITAL or VITamin D and OmegA-3 TriaL The study is designed to see if vitamin D and omega-3s in fish oil can lower the risk of cancer, heart attacks and strokes.

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Oct 29

What You Need to Know About Vitamin D

Vitamin D is the new vitamin E. Everyone is talking about it and how much it means to your overall health.  Is it the latest fad or the real thing? A research project that gave 1,200 healthy postmenopausal women either a placebo or calcium (1,500 mg) plus vitamin D (1,000 IU daily) found that the …

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Oct 27

Vitamin D Makes A Difference

  Now I'm starting to wonder if I'm one of those people who, in my efforts to prevent skin cancer, may have impaired my brain function because I have a deficiency of vitamin D.   This is the sunshine vitamin so called because it is synthesized in our skin when we are exposed to direct …

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Oct 04

Bone Loss Treatment Debated

One of the major issues in the pharmaceutical industry and medicine these days is when do you treat bone loss?   As we get older, we lose bone density and are more vulnerable to osteoporosis and the possibility of fractures. A relatively new diagnosis called osteopenia, or bone density that is below what is considered …

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Aug 20

Solutions to 5 Major Health Problems continued

by Dr. Reginald O’Neal In his first post (August 18) Dr. O’neal listed the 5 major health problems and then described why we have bone loss as we get older. Today, he lists the two most effective ways to maintain bone strength : a combination of lifestyle changes and medical measures. LIFESTYLE CHANGES: Stop smoking …

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Apr 01

Tips for Strong Bones in Men and Women

It appears that as we age – man or woman -we’re going to lose some bone density. Women are at greater risk for losing more but osteoporosis is not for women only. Thinning bones and increased risk for fractures are also symptoms for men. Something like 2 million American men have osteoporosis (vs. 8 million …

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Dec 12

The Vitamin D Dilemma

Ruthan Brodsky I thought that as long as I started posting information about supplements it seems totally appropriate to talk about vitamin D. And there’s lots of news about vitamin D lately, particularly regarding whether sun exposure is a beneficial source of vitamin D. First, there’s more research that points out a deficiency of vitamin …

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