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Apr 29

Sleep Helps Prevent Disease

Not getting enough sleep has been linked to a greater risk of high blood pressure, diabetes, weight gain, stroke and heart attack. Lack of sleep has also been linked to loss of memory and decline in cognitive functioning. Now we're being told that getting enough sleep can help prevent disease. In a 2008 study, for …

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Mar 31

Older and Happier

  Although what constitutes health will always be up for debate, the pursuit of happiness is universal and part of our highest aspirations. Research projects about happiness are just about as ongoing. Someone somewhere is coming up with a study that says this or that about happiness.   One of the more interesting findings in …

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Dec 17

Thoughts and Emotions Influence our Phsyical Health

In my last post I gave you my perspective of the mind-body connection. Now I'd like to learn what you think about our brains and our bodies. There seems to be ongoing research proving the idea that thoughts and emotions have a powerful influence on our physical health. Research shows that the brain can release …

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Oct 18

Balance Your Diet – Know What You Eat

There is so much information everywhere about eating the right way, eating the right foods, mindless eating, dieting, more dieting and more dieting. It probably seems ridiculous that I'm writing about dietary imbalance; but I am.

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Aug 20

Preventing Strokes Part 2

Early warning signs and other symptoms of a stroke were described in my previous post . In this post I'm going to describe several risk factors that threaten the arteries and what you can do to reduce those risks. Clots and clotting that cause blockages in one or both carotid arteries, the large vessels in …

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Aug 02

Socially Connected People Age More Successfully

  It is becoming more evident that those people who are active with family and friends and who participate in clubs or volunteer programs tend to be healthier and happier.     A recent study from the Harvard School of Public Health reported that staying social may even protect your brain from the often negative …

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Jan 19

Memory, Healthy Brains and Your Social Life

We all know the saying to use it or lose it. As we get older, we understand the importance of applying that phrase to our body as well as to our brain. We exercise, learn to play bridge, and eat more fruits and vegetables. What you may not know is that your social life, staying …

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Jul 28

3 Tips About Avoiding Headaches

I was surprised to find out last month that there’s a National Headache Week that takes place the beginning of June. I mean like – who wants to celebrate getting a headache? The June week is actually an ‘awareness week’, something like breast cancer awareness. It’s during that time that organizations, such as the National …

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Jun 16

Power Outage: One Way to Leverage Time

Our power went out on Sunday, June 8.  It did not go back on until Friday, June 13. We were one of the 200,000 plus people who lost electricity in Michigan because of a severe thunderstorm and winds gusting to 80 mph. Those 6 days seem insignificant when I look at the news about the …

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May 21

Be in the Blue Zones for a Longer Life

Smaller food portions, an active lifestyle, and moderate drinking (especially of dark red wine) are keys to living longer and healthier. So says Dan Buettner, author of the new book, The Blue Zones. "If someone tells you they have a pill or hormone, You’re about to lose money," writes Buettner.

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