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Dec 17

Thoughts and Emotions Influence our Phsyical Health

In my last post I gave you my perspective of the mind-body connection. Now I'd like to learn what you think about our brains and our bodies. There seems to be ongoing research proving the idea that thoughts and emotions have a powerful influence on our physical health. Research shows that the brain can release …

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Dec 15

The Power of the Mind-Body Connection

Professional actors were recruited to study the effects of emotion on the immune system. The actors were told which mood state they would be experiencing. They read a 100 word monologue and were told to create and experience a realistic mood by developing the scene and acting and speaking it out while seated. They were …

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Jan 02

Depression and Pain – Not a Good Mix

There’s a great article in the January 08 issue of Arthritis Advisor about learning effective coping strategies to break the arthritis-depression cycle. I think the cycle goes beyond arthritis. I believe the cycle is very possible with most chronic illnesses that impact with some type of negative change. I think it’s also possible that depression …

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