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Feb 17

Depression Risk Lowered with Healthy Diet

  A healthy diet not only keeps you in shape but it lowers your risk of developing depression and Alzheimer's  disease. The research reports that eating a Mediterranean style diet can preserve your mental health better than someone who eats a fast food diet.   Your mother was right: eat your vegetables. The Mediterranean style is …

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Dec 15

The Power of the Mind-Body Connection

Professional actors were recruited to study the effects of emotion on the immune system. The actors were told which mood state they would be experiencing. They read a 100 word monologue and were told to create and experience a realistic mood by developing the scene and acting and speaking it out while seated. They were …

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Jul 30

Improving Your Diet As You Age

In my last post I explained why a poor diet, low in nutritional value, can have negative impact on an aging baby boomer. The pieces and parts just don't work as well. I also made some quick suggestions about what you can do to take in more protein. The fact is getting older does affect …

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Nov 05

4 Steps to Protect Your Memory and Mind

Not losing your memory is important to all of us especially as we get older. Improving your memory is icing on the cake but if your are like me, anything I can do that will help my memory and it doesn't include a long to do list, I will be first in line. The good …

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Mar 23

Upside Wellness Bytes

For those of you who celebrate Easter, the very best of Holidays. Trying something new and I need your feedback about whether you like this format. I’m planning to write one post every 10 days or so that contains sound bytes or tidbits of news. We have a plethora of information about recent medical research …

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Mar 04

Depression As We Age

Ruthan Brodsky I came across a report about a recent study on depression and middle aged men and women at this web site: http://happinesspsych.com. ( I’ll tell you about the report but check out the web site – I found it enjoyable.) The study showed that between the ages of 20 and 55, depression peaks …

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Jan 23

Tips for Handling Chronic Pain

I don’t think you have to be any particular age to have chronic pain. All you need is an injury that never quite heals, an illness that affects your knee or your back (like arthritis) or a gene you inherited from one of your parents that resulted in some kind of imperfection. That being said, …

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Jan 02

Depression and Pain – Not a Good Mix

There’s a great article in the January 08 issue of Arthritis Advisor about learning effective coping strategies to break the arthritis-depression cycle. I think the cycle goes beyond arthritis. I believe the cycle is very possible with most chronic illnesses that impact with some type of negative change. I think it’s also possible that depression …

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