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Oct 24

Skin Changes As You Age Part 2

In my last post I listed some of the changes that take place with our skin regardless of how we protect and treat. In this post a bit more detail which will give you an even better understanding of what’s going on and why you’ll make sure that you’re kids and their kids lather on …

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Jul 23

Tips on Looking Youthful

I can’t tell you how to stop the clock but I can give you some good advice about preventing more damage to your skin and improving your health in general. Eat Foods That Keep You Youthful People who eat more fruits and vegetables tend to have less wrinkles then those who don’t eat enough. An …

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Jun 01

Dermal Fillers – a Great Anti-Aging Approach

Several readers asked for more information about dermal fillers- the material injected into the skin of the face to fill in folds and wrinkles, deep and not so deep. What I’ve learned since I first wrote about dermal wrinkles a few weeks ago (See "Wrinkles Wiped Out with Fillers" under Skin Care category), is that …

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May 03

Wrinkles and Aging Skin: What can you prevent?

The next few posts focus on our skin and how to take care of the largest organ of our body.  It’s almost summer – even in Michigan – and sun exposure intensifies. The skin cream ads claim to slow the skin’s aging process. Then there’s the ads for treatments: dermabrasion and laser treatments which claim …

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