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Nov 24

Bone Mass Reclaiming and Maintaining

It isn't easy maintaining your bone mass if you're a woman over 50. You think you're eating healthfully and you believe you're exercising. The same has got to be true for men although they talk more about loss of muscle mass than bone mass. Then you take a bone density test as a base line …

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Oct 04

Bone Loss Treatment Debated

One of the major issues in the pharmaceutical industry and medicine these days is when do you treat bone loss?   As we get older, we lose bone density and are more vulnerable to osteoporosis and the possibility of fractures. A relatively new diagnosis called osteopenia, or bone density that is below what is considered …

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Aug 18

Solutions to 5 Major Health Problems

by  Dr. Reginald O’Neal I challenge all my patients to become a working partner with me so that I can help them resolve five major health issues that are very common. The five health issues are: Osteoporosis Dementia and memory loss Sleep problems and resulting fatigue Achieving and maintaining the correct weight Blood pressure control …

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