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Feb 25

Metabolic Syndrome – What Is It?

've often thought of metabolic syndrome as one of those labels the medical profession uses either to frighten you because it sounds ominous, to use it as an excuse to recommend more medication, or to recommend more office visits. Shame on me for being so negative at times but when you look at the term, …

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Dec 17

Thoughts and Emotions Influence our Phsyical Health

In my last post I gave you my perspective of the mind-body connection. Now I'd like to learn what you think about our brains and our bodies. There seems to be ongoing research proving the idea that thoughts and emotions have a powerful influence on our physical health. Research shows that the brain can release …

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Mar 24

Preserving Your Health with Good Nutrition

Many of the body changes that we accept as natural and part of aging may not be what we assume. Some of them or at least some degree of them are probably caused by not caring and protecting ourselves at a younger age. I can't explain why, but I was always under the impression that …

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Aug 09

Lower Your Blood Pressure in 5 Steps

The August issue of Mayo Clinic Women’s HealthSource reports that before menopause, women have lower blood pressure(bp) than men do. In one of their recent studies, however, they found that in people over age 60, women had higher systolic pressure (the top number in your bp reading) than men. Keep in mind that the top …

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Jul 07

How Much Salt in Your Diet?

In the last post (July 4) I wrote about the controversy over salt: to limit our salt intake for better heart health because your risk of blood pressure problems increases with age…or it’s a myth and we don’t have to worry about salt intake. I am one of those people who do worry about salt …

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Jul 04

To Salt or Not to Salt?

I’ve always been told that too much salt is not good for you. My mother cooked with very little salt and my dad would add salt to everything he ate. Life hasn’t changed much a generation later. I cook adding very little salt but lots of herbal seasonings and spices and garlic and onions and …

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Mar 23

Upside Wellness Bytes

For those of you who celebrate Easter, the very best of Holidays. Trying something new and I need your feedback about whether you like this format. I’m planning to write one post every 10 days or so that contains sound bytes or tidbits of news. We have a plethora of information about recent medical research …

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Jan 31


Good Research Generates More Hope Botox Eases Shoulder Pain The active ingredient in Botox not only smoothes our aging faces, it also reduces the pain of shoulder arthritis. Patients who received a single injection of Botox reported less pain and improved shoulder function for at least 28 days. This finding was reported at the November, …

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Jan 11

No Matter How Old – Blood Pressure Needs to Be Controlled

Preliminary results from the Hypertension in the Very Elderly Trial (HYVET) indicate that people in their 80s were at lower risk of dying when they were treated with antihypertensive medication. “High blood pressure medication has been known to reduce the rate of stroke, but the HYVET study suggests that both incidence of stroke and survival …

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