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Oct 20

Changing Our Eating Habits to Prevent Disease

Most of us understand that the American diet is harmful to cardiovascular health. Even so we keep on eating  and put on the pounds. Some say the cause of this overeating is our stressful lives and the advertising industry that encourages overeating. That coupled with the chance to eat poorly at every corner enables us …

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Jul 05

Antioxidants May Not Increase Your Life Span

  The food manufacturers have been on the health bandwagon for some time claiming they've put antioxidants in their foods for consumers' health. The products run the gamut from skin care products to soda and to cereal. The ads on the food state that the added antioxidants prevent cancer, rid you body of toxics and …

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May 03

Wrinkles and Aging Skin: What can you prevent?

The next few posts focus on our skin and how to take care of the largest organ of our body.  It’s almost summer – even in Michigan – and sun exposure intensifies. The skin cream ads claim to slow the skin’s aging process. Then there’s the ads for treatments: dermabrasion and laser treatments which claim …

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