Aug 02

Socially Connected People Age More Successfully


It is becoming more evident that those people who are active with family and friends and who participate in clubs or volunteer programs tend to be healthier and happier.  


A recent study from the Harvard School of Public Health reported that staying social may even protect your brain from the often negative impact of aging. The study's sample of over 16,000 older adults demonstrated that the least social and outgoing individuals experienced memory loss and deterioration at twice the rate than those who were socially active. The study also touted the very positive benefits of combining learning and socializing.


My conclusion: it is important that you socialize, join your buddies on the links or chat with the ladies after yoga class or at lunch, but you also need to participate in activities to learn and develop new skills and update old skills.


The problem is that aging is often accompanied by a shrinking social network as friends slow down, succumb to poor health, relocate to warmer climates, or move to long-term residential care.


If you have few friends or many friends and you are age 60 or older, think seriously about getting out and making new friends. Local senior centers are a good source and they provide a range of social outings and events as well as health and wellness information. Your church can also be a source of support.


There is no definitive answer about why social networking contributes to aging successfully, but one of the probabilities is that people who engage in formal social activities become better problem solvers. They gain access to more information and get more advice about how to care for themselves. Well integrated informal relationships with friends, family and neighbors also provide a good buffer to stress and stress can be the underlying cause of many health issues including cardiovascular issues.



Ifyou have tips for social networking we'd like to know about them. If they work for you they may work for others. Scroll down to Comments and type your comments in the blank window.  Thanks


To your successful aging,


Ruthan Brodsky



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