Mar 23

Reluctant Male Patients

Ninety percent of the health decisions are made by women. That was the number recently announced by a CEO of a very large, major hospital. If you think about yourself and your own family it is usually the mother or wife who goes to her doctor for regular maintenance office visits. Often times a man will visit his doctor because his wife made the appointment.


In general, men are much less likely than women to seek a physical exam or medical care. In fact compared with women most physicians would agree that:

·     Men have more trouble talking about health concerns particularly concerns about sexuality, hormones, incontinence;

·     Men are less likely to seek medical attention for a health complaint;

·     Men are more willing to delay treatment for a health condition until that problem becomes worse;

·     Men are less likely to stay with their treatment plan.


Unless there is a very strong relationship between the doctor and the male patient, men are less comfortable with doctors and exams in general. To make matters worse they often retain youthful attitudes that takes them more to risky behavior than women. For instance, if a man and a women are considered to be fast drivers, it is usually the man who dries even faster. You can tell from the papers and the broadcasts it is likely men who will die from accidents, violence or even dangerous jobs such as the TV program about the loggers or the truck drivers who drive on ice.


It is not surprising, then, that a man's life expectancy is less than a woman's.


More in my next post for the man who has been reluctant to visit his doctor.


To your success at healthy aging.



Ruthan Brodsky

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