Aug 26

Preventing Wrinkles

I don’t care if they make me look wiser or more trustworthy, I prefer not to acquire wrinkles. The joke is on me, of course, because there’s no way that I’m not going to get wrinkles as the birthdays add up, unless, that is, I’m in a box somewhere 6 feet under the ground.

Wrinkles are part of living. As we age, visible signs of aging, like wrinkles, start to show up no matter how much we dislike that. However, getting older isn’t the only reason we have those marks on our skin especially on our face. What we do, how we live, and what we eat influence aging of the skin.

Factor that promote wrinkles:

  • Smoking
  • Light skin type -usually people with blue eyes or red hair;
  • Heredity- some families wrinkle more;
  • Hair style – some hairstyles protect the face from sun damage. Ex bangs
  • Clothes – long sleeves, hats. Today there are clothes that offer UV sun protection for women and men. A good time to buy them is now – when they’re on sale in front of the winter.
  • Occupation and Interests- golfing, sailing, and tanning booths.

True, some of these factors are beyond your control. With that in mind, the 3 best ways to prevent wrinkles or at least minimize them is to stay out of the sun and don’t smoke.

BE AWARE. Many products and procedures promise to reduce wrinkles. Most do little or nothing such as those that claim they reduce the ‘appearance’ of wrinkles which means they don’t reduce the lines themselves.

Skin ages all over the body but most on those parts where the skin has been exposed the most. Changes brought on by sun damage (photoaging) include:dryness, sagginess, skin growths like keratoses (liver spots), and wrinkles.

There is no such thing as a safe tan!

SPF numbers on sunscreen labels and cosmetics refer to protection against UVB radiation (shortwave ultraviolet light, the sunburn rays). Many sunscreens also offer protection against UVA radiation (longer-wave ultraviolet light). UVA rays are the ones used in tanning salons. Sunscreens that block UVA indicate this on the label.

Watch for the next post when I’ll talk about treatments and cosmetic procedures for wrinkles. In the mean time you will want to read this very informative e-book that provides you with everything you wanted to know about wrinkles and how to treat them. Click on this link for more information:


When you read the book let me know what you think and we’ll compare notes.

To your successful aging.


Ruthan Brodsky provides content marketing and information products to health care professionals and entrepreneurs.




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