Dec 05

Fitness For Health



Everyone agrees that it is important to be physically fit. However, the answers are many and varied for questions such as:


  What exactly should we strive for?

   And how do we get there?


Again, like so much of everything in life, the answer is not black or white.


For example, if you are active in a sport such as tennis or golf or jogging, each of these has specific training regimens designed to enable players to safely meet the demands of that sport. Most of us, however, are more concerned about health-related physical fitness, those actions that help us stay independent and increase our resistance to disease, injury and pain.


What you first must realize is that not everyone is going to be on the same page because our age and our genes are going to be different. Also there is not much we can do about those two items. However, there are a lot of actions about which we can make decisions and take control.  Whether you are an absolute beginner or quite the gym rat, you can improve your fitness level by becoming more active, both physically and mental.


All of which is more than just exercising.


For healthy aging we need to be cardiovascular fit, have muscle strength and endurance, and be flexible and well balanced. I hope this does not sound out of your ability because it is not. Addressing all these fitness factors will take effort on your part, there is no mistake about that, but it can be done.


If this doen't make sense to you ask me about it in the comment window. I'm sure others will also benefit from your question.


To your successful healthy aging,


Ruthan Brodsky

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