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Mar 05

Foot Care On Vacation

The stories of how much their feet hurt while hiking in Oregon sometimes surpassed their stories of the flora and fauna and scenery they were supposed to enjoy. These are my friends and they never thought about having any foot problems in the scenic coastal region of Oregon or Washington so they weren't prepared when …

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Mar 29

Anit-aging Facial Skin Care Treatments Part 2

There are more skin treatments that claim they improve the appearance of your face than I could write about or want to write about. I suspect that as we get older there will be newer treatments that are even less invasive than the ones I've described. I am also guessing that these treatments will do …

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Mar 26

Skin Deep: Caring for Your Face Part I

A half page feature story questioning whether facials really work in The New York Times prompted (Mar.19.2009, p E3) me to do some research and some self assessing. First, I don't believe there is any age, no matter how old, when you stop caring about how you look. In visits to home care facilities I …

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Feb 13

Wrinkles – You Can Delay Them

No one wants to look older than they are. Not many even want to look their real age. The notion that youth is beauty is so imbedded in us that we spend billions of dollars on creams and lotions and procedures to reduce signs of aging. For many of us who are active in the …

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Dec 05

Dry Skin Prevention and Treatment

I've already lathered lotion on my hands 3 times this morning and it's not quite 7 A.M. It is winter, however, a major factor for chapped, dry hands. Dry skin often shows up on your hands, shins and sometimes abdomen. And it is more common during the winter months when humidity is low. Ordinarily, dry …

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Nov 12

Why Natural Skin Care Products Can Be Beneficial

After reading much of the research, the testimonials and the claims by manufacturers, it seems to me that the primary reason that natural skin care products are beneficial is that – for most people – they do no harm. Synthetic and artificial ingredients can be more harmful than natural ingredients. Most of the make up …

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Nov 10

Natural Skin Care Products – A Reality Check

Your face is what people see when they meet and greet you. Your face becomes even more prominent in the winter months when the rest of your body is covered with long sleeves and trousers. For some reason, we tend to pay more attention to our faces as the daylight hours get shorter and we …

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Oct 24

Skin Changes As You Age Part 2

In my last post I listed some of the changes that take place with our skin regardless of how we protect and treat. In this post a bit more detail which will give you an even better understanding of what’s going on and why you’ll make sure that you’re kids and their kids lather on …

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Oct 22

Skin Changes As You Age

You were thrilled when you grew out of adolescence because your acne was gone and you weren’t fighting those incredible zits that only appeared when you had a special event. What you didn’t figure on is your skin never stops changing! First there are the many elements and forces over which you have absolutely no …

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Oct 01

Fraxel Laser Skin Treatment

I did not forget that I promised to tell you more about Fraxel® Laser Treatment. In my last 2 postings I briefly described several skin resurfacing procedures, treatments and results Click here and Here The Fraxel laser skin resurfacing treatment is different from other laser rejuvenation programs that use either the erbium or the CO2 …

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