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Nov 07

Bridge Players Challenge Brain Decline In Old Age

Apparently playing bridge and the impact it has on the brain has been studied longer than I thought. For example, researchers are now saying that it is important to keep challenging your brain but not all activities are equal. It seems that people who spend long stretches of their days, three hours or more, engrossed …

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Nov 04

Dementia Obstructed by Bridge

There was a recent article in the NY Times about a group of women in their nineties who play bridge daily. The card game is their social network, their mental challenge, and their reason for getting dressed up, Bridge is their way of life.

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May 25

Tips to Fighting Forgetfulness

These are very practical recommendations that anyone can do which will reduce how much you forget. Memory loss is frustrating and troublesome and even scary especially if you have a family history of Alzheimer's disease or dementia. Even so, unless your forgetfulness is severe it could be just the normal part of growing older. Fortunately, …

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Apr 29

More Brain Training Research for Memory

In my last post I wrote about training the brain to work faster. There is also a new study, out of Sweden, reporting that active training of working memory can increase the brain's number of dopamine receptors. These receptors are important in learning, fine motor movement and other functions. It is well established that brain …

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Apr 25

Memory Improvement with Brain Training

You can train your brain to process information more efficiently so that you improve your memory even as you age. A recent study found that after 8 weeks of training, a group of healthy adults, 65 years and older, improved their brain processing speed. One of the interesting results from this study was that the …

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Nov 05

4 Steps to Protect Your Memory and Mind

Not losing your memory is important to all of us especially as we get older. Improving your memory is icing on the cake but if your are like me, anything I can do that will help my memory and it doesn't include a long to do list, I will be first in line. The good …

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Nov 03

Protect Your Memory with Positive Thinking

Recent research about how you can protect your memory is proving that The Power of Positive Thinking works and works well. The book, The Power of Positive Thinking was written by Norman Vincent Peal over 50 years ago. Scientists keep reaffirming his theory that thinking positive can help you physically and mentally. A recent research …

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Sep 05

Preserving Your Memory – Another 3 Strategies to Consider

Many people look for memory improvement techniques when they’re in their 60s and 70s. The fact is you can improve your memory at any age. Sign of Normal Aging: You have to pause for a moment to figure out your way walking or driving in a familiar neighborhood. Sign of Dementia: You get lost for …

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Sep 01

Preserve Your Memory: Top 3 Steps to Keeping Your Brain Sharp

It’s not a mystery. Most of us start worrying about our memory when we notice we’re forgetting more. This usually takes place when we hit age 50. The good news is that normal memory lapses, like misplacing your keys or your glasses, don’t necessarily mean you’ll be facing immediate dementia. Our brains are surprisingly resilient …

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May 28

Memory: It’s on the Tip of Your Tongue

Yesterday a friend asked me if I knew a knee surgeon that practices out of certain hospital. Of course I did; I had knee surgery less than a year ago. The problem was I couldn’t think of his name. His name was on the tip of my tongue (TOT). I could picture him and hear …

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