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Nov 19

5 Tips to Prevent Getting Sick from Medications

  Somewhere along the line in my medical and health writing I learned that every medication has side effects. Studying the elderly I learned that many were taking a medication to counter act a medication they absolutely needed. When my mother started taking medications I quickly learned I had to ask her physician about the …

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Nov 14

Medicine Can Make You Sick

For a few weeks my colleague had a few cramps and wasn't feeling 100 percent but ignored it and kept up with her work and life. Then one evening the pain was excruciating and she found herself in the Emergency Room. After tests and scans her physician asked her how much she drinks because her …

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Oct 29

What You Need to Know About Vitamin D

Vitamin D is the new vitamin E. Everyone is talking about it and how much it means to your overall health.  Is it the latest fad or the real thing? A research project that gave 1,200 healthy postmenopausal women either a placebo or calcium (1,500 mg) plus vitamin D (1,000 IU daily) found that the …

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Aug 26

The Dangers of Aspirin

The Dangers of Aspirin While I was writing about over-the-counter medications in my previous post, I also wanted to include talking about nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs), which include aspirin products. Warnings on the labels today tell consumers about the risk of stomach bleeding. When we're in pain, it's difficult to pay attention to a label …

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Aug 23

Over-The-Counter Medications Require Caution

The latest news from the FDA is that the labels of over-the-counter products for pain relief that contain acetaminophen are now required to highlight warnings about the risk of potentially serious side effects. These products currently have a warning about the risk of liver damage. They include products such as Tylenol, Robitussin, NyQuil, Sudafed Sinus …

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Mar 17

DRug Interactions – What You Should Know

I started thinking about the number of prescription drugs that people take as they age. Someone told me that the average number of prescriptions for a person at age 60 is 8 separate medications. That means there are people who may take 12 or 14 medications. How do you maintain control? There are many opportunities …

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Mar 15

Medication Risks and Benefits

There is a growing movement that consumers should be able to calculate the benefits and risks of a prescription drug just like we can figure out the fat and calories of a chocolate chip cookie. Inspired by the nutrition fact panels on food packaging, researchers at the Dartmouth Medical School are asking federal regulators to …

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Dec 26

Statins Do More Than Lower Cholesterol

There was an excellent explanation of why the media is focuses so much on the medical world singing the praises of statin treatment for just about everyone in the January issue of the Cleveland Clinic's Heart Advisor. The answer in a nutshell – the media and most likely some health providers – didn't read all …

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Dec 01

Prescription Medication: How Much Should You Be Taking?

I remember when my mother was in an auto accident and they gave her a relaxant – a tranquilizer to calm her down so they could stitch close some deep cuts. It took her at least 3 days to get over the medication.  It was very scary because the next day she was not making …

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