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Mar 31

Older and Happier

  Although what constitutes health will always be up for debate, the pursuit of happiness is universal and part of our highest aspirations. Research projects about happiness are just about as ongoing. Someone somewhere is coming up with a study that says this or that about happiness.   One of the more interesting findings in …

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Mar 25

Men Take Charge of Their Health

In my last post I described some of the reasons why men take little advantage of the best part of our health system when it comes to preventive health care. Women are way ahead in this game but there is no reason why a man cannot leap forward. First, make an appointment for a physical …

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Mar 23

Reluctant Male Patients

Ninety percent of the health decisions are made by women. That was the number recently announced by a CEO of a very large, major hospital. If you think about yourself and your own family it is usually the mother or wife who goes to her doctor for regular maintenance office visits. Often times a man …

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Mar 08

Tips for Foot Care on Vacation

Traveling can provide you with a needed change in routine but it also requires that you pay attention to the changes that take place with your feet. If you sit a lot, at your job, at bridge, in front of TV, your feet are not going to be used to the ups and downs of …

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Mar 05

Foot Care On Vacation

The stories of how much their feet hurt while hiking in Oregon sometimes surpassed their stories of the flora and fauna and scenery they were supposed to enjoy. These are my friends and they never thought about having any foot problems in the scenic coastal region of Oregon or Washington so they weren't prepared when …

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Feb 28

Metabolic Syndrome – What You Can Do

Metabolic Syndrome – What You Can Do In my last post I wrote about the 4 factors in metabolic syndrome In this post I'm going to let you know how you can prevent the syndrome, and you can, because it's all about lifestyle. The dominant underlying risk factors for this syndrome are abdominal obesity and …

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Feb 25

Metabolic Syndrome – What Is It?

've often thought of metabolic syndrome as one of those labels the medical profession uses either to frighten you because it sounds ominous, to use it as an excuse to recommend more medication, or to recommend more office visits. Shame on me for being so negative at times but when you look at the term, …

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Feb 12

4 More Ways To Get Healthy and Stay Healthy

In my last post I wrote about the first 3 steps to take including taking on a regular exercise program but making it social with family and friends. Step number 4 is knowing your numbers. Find out what your ideal body weight is, what your target number should be for the bad cholesterol, LDL, and …

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Feb 10

How To Stay Healthy and Active for the Next 12 Months

You do not need a special day like New Years to set your goals for living better. Besides, chances are fairly good that by now, if you did set a health goal for the new year, it has been broken more than once. This is Rule No 1: Set Your Health Goals When You Are …

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Feb 05

Take Charge of Your Health Care

No matter what takes place in politics and the politics of public health reform there are actions you can take to insure that you receive quality health care. Keep in mind that quality health care can help you stay healthy and recover faster when you become sick. My mother always thought that getting good care …

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