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Feb 20

Seniors Are Getting Fat

I know it would be kinder and more gentle to say folks over 60 are gaining more weight but the truth is more are becoming obese. Data was released from the 2005-2006 of the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES) which reports that almost three quarters (68.6 percent) of adults aged 60 and over …

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Jan 28

Two More Outdated Nutritional Assumptions

In my last post I wrote about soy and olive oil not as good as we think they are. Assumption Number Three: Vitamin C prevents Colds Truth be known, and then this is not absolute, taking vitamin C supplements may shorten colds slightly but the results vary widely. Other than that, no matter what Linus …

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Jan 25

Two Outdated Nutritional Assumptions

There is so much information that's now available that it becomes difficult to figure out what is good, what is bad, and what just isn't so. That's what I'm writing about in the next couple of posts: about nutritional information that just isn't so but the belief that they are 'I know for a fact' …

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Jan 08

Get Your Beta Carotene with Carrots

I keep a small bag of baby carrots in the house as a snack that I can nibble on, usually in the afternoon. I'll even take the carrot bag in the car because carrots don't make crumbs. I am on a personal campaign to eating real food, not food products. Even if a low fat …

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Oct 22

Calorie for Calories, Fat is More Fattening

  Actually, the title of this post is a little misleading. The NUMBER of calories in fat or in protein are the same. However, our bodies metabolize fats differently than they do carbohydrates or proteins.   Some of the calories we consume are immediately used as fuel, as energy. Those that are not used right …

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Oct 20

Changing Our Eating Habits to Prevent Disease

Most of us understand that the American diet is harmful to cardiovascular health. Even so we keep on eating  and put on the pounds. Some say the cause of this overeating is our stressful lives and the advertising industry that encourages overeating. That coupled with the chance to eat poorly at every corner enables us …

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Oct 18

Balance Your Diet – Know What You Eat

There is so much information everywhere about eating the right way, eating the right foods, mindless eating, dieting, more dieting and more dieting. It probably seems ridiculous that I'm writing about dietary imbalance; but I am.

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Aug 06

Put Nuts Back In Your Diet

It wasn't that long ago when you were told to keep nuts off your diet; they not good for you. They were high in fat, they added on calories, and they had little nutritional value. Well, that information was wrong! Recent studies found that eating nuts was associated with a lower risk of weight gain …

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Jul 30

Improving Your Diet As You Age

In my last post I explained why a poor diet, low in nutritional value, can have negative impact on an aging baby boomer. The pieces and parts just don't work as well. I also made some quick suggestions about what you can do to take in more protein. The fact is getting older does affect …

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Jul 28

Good Diet a Must for Boomers and Seniors

We all know that we are better off with good nutrition. Foods fried in trans fats, or eight ounces of meat daily, or lots of cheese casseroles are not going to help us. Even so, many people over age 50 do not eat a healthful diet. The problem is that as we get older, many …

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