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Mar 17

Bad Posture Causes Rounded and Hunched Back

Your teacher and your mother were right when they told you to sit up straight and stand up tall. Poor posture does catch up with you. And the more you sit the more likely you are to have poor posture. Add poor posture to the changes that take place in your bone structure, in your …

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Mar 03

A Pedometer Will Increase Your Motivation to Walk

Walking is simple, it's natural, and it's safe regardless of your age. Even though it may seem not as effective as more rigorous exercise, you can walk your way to better health and take away at least one symptom of the metabolic syndrome. Studies constantly show that brisk walking can help keep your body trip …

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Feb 20

Seniors Are Getting Fat

I know it would be kinder and more gentle to say folks over 60 are gaining more weight but the truth is more are becoming obese. Data was released from the 2005-2006 of the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES) which reports that almost three quarters (68.6 percent) of adults aged 60 and over …

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Feb 15

Exercise to Stay Fit and Functional

Some of you may only think of exercising when you want to lose weight. Exercise can help you lose weight but it is necessary to routinely exercise, not every once in a while, if you want to maintain your ability to do daily activities such as getting in or out of a SUV, walking your …

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Jan 28

Two More Outdated Nutritional Assumptions

In my last post I wrote about soy and olive oil not as good as we think they are. Assumption Number Three: Vitamin C prevents Colds Truth be known, and then this is not absolute, taking vitamin C supplements may shorten colds slightly but the results vary widely. Other than that, no matter what Linus …

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Jan 25

Two Outdated Nutritional Assumptions

There is so much information that's now available that it becomes difficult to figure out what is good, what is bad, and what just isn't so. That's what I'm writing about in the next couple of posts: about nutritional information that just isn't so but the belief that they are 'I know for a fact' …

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Jan 21

Strength Training for Newbies

Those who know recommend that you do strength training at least twice a week to make gains in muscle and bones. The estimated time to train is 30 to 45 minutes because you need to do one or two sets of six to 10 exercises. It is also suggested that the intensity be high and …

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Jan 18

More Strength, Better Lifestyle, Fewer Falls

Right now I cannot think of anything negative to write about strength training. Even if you already have diabetes, one work out will improve your blood sugar control and maybe even lower your blood pressure. Just as important, especially for women, strength training improves balance significantly. When muscle mass is lost, bone density also decreases …

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Jan 14

Muscle and Strength Training Matter for Healthy Aging

It is not unusual for many folks in their mid years to complain that they're eating less and weighing more. For many it is also more difficult to find the time to exercise because of one chronic pain or other that is draining energy. The good news if you have an hour a week, 2 …

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Jan 11

Dance and Get Fit

Let's face it. Walking and jogging on the treadmill can be boring. If you try and break up the monotony by watching TV or reading you are probably slowing down and not getting the real benefit of cardio effort. Dancing, on the other hand, can be fun. First, you have to dance to music and …

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