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Nov 24

Bone Mass Reclaiming and Maintaining

It isn't easy maintaining your bone mass if you're a woman over 50. You think you're eating healthfully and you believe you're exercising. The same has got to be true for men although they talk more about loss of muscle mass than bone mass. Then you take a bone density test as a base line …

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Aug 31

How Fit Is Your Heart?

To answer the question about how fit is your heart you need to know that there is an important difference between what many of us think of as fitness-how long we can exercise before getting tired and out of breath-to the fitness level of our heart as measured during a stress test. A high level …

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Jun 30

Use an Event to Motivate Your Fitness

If your motivation to maintain a regular exercise program is loosening its grip, try signing up for a sports event to get re-motivated. The sports even may be a 5K run, a charity walk or bike ride, or a marathon of tennis and golf. Whatever the event, use it as an incentive to keep pushing …

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Feb 25

Exercise Reduces Stroke Impact

I exercise to keep in shape and move around so I can do what I want to do. I'm also wise enough to know that my vanity is a major impetus because I want to look good, too. Besides, I feel better after exercising. In the back of my mind I also understand that exercise …

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Dec 24

Lose Weight with the New Guidelines for Physical Activity – Part 3

In my last 2 posts I described what the new Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans were, who they could help (almost everyone) and how you can customize the guidelines to your personal needs. In this post I'm going to explain how these guidelines can influence your weight. First, the Guidelines do say that if you …

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Dec 22

Improve Your Physical Fitness Using the Latest Guidelines

I introduced the new first ever Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans in my previous post. Published by the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services (HHS), the guidelines outline exactly how much and what kinds of activity you need to help control your weight and reduce your risk of major health problems. The Guidelines are …

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Nov 28

Burn More Calories with Your Workout Part 2

In my last post I explained the role of metabolism in weight loss and how you could burn more calories by speeding up your exercise routine. In this post I'll describe two other ways to increase your metabolism. The first is to add extra time to your workout session. Even at your normal pace, increasing …

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Oct 29

Exercise Improves Your Thinking

In my last post I wrote about how regular exercise can keep you in the right frame of mind – positive. This morning I want to tell you that another research project reported this spring by The Cochrane Library, found that aerobic exercises helps older people think better including thinking speed, manual dexterity and concentration. …

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Oct 27

Exercise Improves Your Mood

This month you’ll be reading more about SAD – Seasonal Affective Disorder. People become depressed because it’s cold and their time for outdoor activities is reduced to getting in and out of the car. To top it off, the hours of daylight are reduced through December. (For more information about SAD check out this post …

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Jul 11

Secret to Youth – Keep Moving

New research out of the U.K. The British Journal of Sports Medicine published a new research review which states that vigorous walking for about an hour a day, 5 days a week, can boost your maximal oxygen intake by as much as 25% in 3 months. That is huge! Enough to turn back the clock …

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