Nov 24

Bone Mass Reclaiming and Maintaining

It isn't easy maintaining your bone mass if you're a woman over 50. You think you're eating healthfully and you believe you're exercising. The same has got to be true for men although they talk more about loss of muscle mass than bone mass.

Then you take a bone density test as a base line and a second one a couple of years later. You're losing bone mass says your doctor. Now what do you do?

Increase the amount of calcium is one solution. Increase your physical activity is another solution. And take an osteoporosis drug is another possibility.

If you are engaged with this blog the chances are good that you'll select the first two solutions rather than take a prescription drug. At least those are my choices. The problem is that sometimes, no matter what we do that is correct, our bodies have minds of their own. You could be showing signs of osteopenia which is a bone mineral density (BMD) lower than normal but not low enough to be considered as osteoporosis.

Bone mass starts to level off around age 35, when age-related bone loss begins. The medical terminology used is Age Related Bone Loss. At this time old injuries may begin shouting at you and stiffness may develop. This is the time to focus on healthy habits and a good posture.

This is the time to work at strengthening your abdominal area which will help you straighten your posture and protect your lower back. Stretching after you exercise will help avoid stiffness. A fitness routine that includes aerobic plus weight lifting or weight resisting exercises also helps build the bone mass.


What are you doing to prevent more bone loss? Is it working? Did you have a bone density test? How did you respond to the results of the test? Were you surprised?

Share your story with us. I am betting your story could help someone else.


To your successful aging.


Ruthan Brodsky

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