Feb 12

4 More Ways To Get Healthy and Stay Healthy

In my last post I wrote about the first 3 steps to take including taking on a regular exercise program but making it social with family and friends.

Step number 4 is knowing your numbers. Find out what your ideal body weight is, what your target number should be for the bad cholesterol, LDL, and set your sites to achieve those numbers. Include the guideline numbers for your blood pressure and blood sugar levels. You are the captain of your ship and you are responsible for these numbers. You can work with your physician to help you but there is no magic pill.

Step number 5 is to expand your social networks. This may include volunteering for your favorite education, religious or political project. It may include talking to your friends on the phone rather than texting or e-mailing. Sitting at home by the TV or computer screen is fun but it can be isolating. Set aside the time to be with people you enjoy.

Step number 6 is to monitor your medications and the supplements you take. Write down everything you take and give it to your physician or pharmacist. Make sure none of your supplements are interfering with your meds. If you have several doctors, make sure one of them knows everything.

Step number 7 is to reduce stress. You would not think there would be stress in your life now that you are retired and your children are doing well. We humans are a remarkable species with this uncanny ability to manufacture stress. I become very stressed, for example, when there is a major snow storm. I tell myself I should not be stressed because I have no control over this storm. I still fret. Activities like yoga and meditation will help you through those stressful times.

These 7 steps will get you off to a great start to being healthy and staying healthy. Of course, all it takes is one lose sneeze in a crowded airplane, but at least you have given yourself a fighting chance to enable your immune system to kick in and save your day.

To your successful aging.


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